Is There a Place for Apologies as I Live Unapologetically as Me?

Yikes. I just found myself needing to apologize for messing up my blog on “The Unapologetic You”.  What was I to do? I had sent in the wrong document and what I had meant to send no longer felt on point.

I started with an apology. When I mess up, I take responsibility. I feel that is important.

My next step is to remember that we begin the rest of our lives with each present moment.  I bring my awareness to this moment. I take a few deep breaths and with each breath become more present.  This is a regular spiritual practice of mine. 

Feeling present, I ask myself what can I do? I cannot erase what I have done. I can only begin again in this moment. If a next step does not immediately pop in, I take the question deeper. I may go into meditation. I also ask my angel team for their suggestions.

I take another deep breath and begin again in this moment.  

I recognize that it is important for me to know what I am apologizing for. Am I apologizing for something I did or who I am? The latter is where the unapologetic me has taken hold.

It used to be hard for me to tell people that I talked to angels. I was afraid they would say I was crazy.  I was a lawyer after all.  

I was in the middle of a 30-year career as a lawyer for the state legislature. Out of the blue, angels started showing up to help me heal from a series of devastating heartbreaks. The first one appeared to me in a dark suit and fedora, sitting on my shoulder. Do you think I could go back to my office and share that story? Thankfully, there were books available to help me because I had no one to tell what happened.

My angels patiently and persistently helped me with my broken heart and then continued to guide me on my spiritual path. They led me to my Reiki teachers and other spiritual mentors. They helped me write my book, The Art of Listening to Angels. Step by step they supported me until I could share my truth without feeling the need for apology. I could let go of my concern for what others would think of me. 

I now find ways to stand in my truth and say, “I teach people how to connect to their personal angel team.” That is the authentic me. As I stand strong in my truth, I find acceptance most of the time and sometimes curiosity. If people are judging me, it no longer bothers me.

Angels want to help us do what we came into this lifetime to do. They know that acting on our inspirations and answering the call of our hearts can be difficult, even intimidating. They really want to help us.

My role is to help people remove the blocks and connect with their spiritual guidance in whatever way it works best for them. Some may never hear a message or have a visible sighting. Yet angels give signs to let people know they are there. They leave feathers, use numbers on digital clocks, or work with whatever will have meaning to the person they are helping. Just knowing that they are available and want to help us can be reassuring.

When I invite people to share stories in my Angel Connection Circles, others realize that they, too, have had an angelic interaction but were not sure about whether it was real. They often did not have anyone to talk to about it without seeming a little crazy.  

My students tell me that hearing from others who have had similar experiences is reassuring. They also enjoy sharing experiences without having to worry about being judged.   

It may seem weird that I left my lawyer job to do this work. It was not easy to make that transition.  Yet, working with angels is what makes my heart sing. Helping others do that is even better.

What is your heart calling you to do? Are you living your life’s purpose unapologetically? Could you use some support in acting on your inspirations and visions for your life? Know that your angel team is wanting to help you even if you don’t know they are there. It may help to find someone you can talk to about it. 

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let me know what helps you live as your authentic self without apology. Maybe you even have an angel story to share.

After thirty years as a state legislative lawyer, Lilia Shoshanna Rae began answering her call as a messenger for the angelic realm. Lilia is the author of The Art of Listening to Angels.  She helps lightworkers and spiritual healers access angel wisdom so they can more easily and effectively live their life’s purpose.  She holds Angel Connection Circles in person and online to allow people to share stories and learn from each other. Lilia is also a Reiki Master and a teacher of the Enneagram.  Learn more at