What do Tae Kwon Do, drag racing and the healing arts have in common? All three are absolute passions of Laura Di Franco, MPT.

Laura has a third-degree black belt and a clear preference for traveling fast and being badass. But she is also the pragmatic champion of small business owners who want to push their health-based practices to the next level but need a little help to do so.

Through her Bethesda-based Brave Healer Productions, Laura offers inspiring speeches, workshops, an online writing club and other services that can help talented health professionals tell their own stories so they too can maximize their professional impact. Laura has a combined social media and email list of 10,000 people that allows her to quickly sell out her offerings and spread her message of health and empowerment.

With almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy behind her, she has written six books including her latest, the aptly titled Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey. Shouldn’t Laura be helping you with your journey?

"Some Women Fear The Fire: Some Women Simply Become It!

- R.H. Sin


You were born, so you’re worthy.

Your message matters.

What if the very thing you’re still afraid to share is exactly the thing someone else needs to hear to help change or save their life? It’s time to be brave.

I can teach you something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything!

You know there’s something better waiting for you and maybe you just don’t know how to get it.

With awareness you have a choice. So it’s time to wake up to the possibilities.

I’ll teach you what I know about this powerful door to healing and the many paths to it. Everything that happens to us happens through our awareness…it’s a matter of being fully awake to the stuff of your life. I’ll show you how body awareness connects you with your inner healer and gives you powerful choices.

Are you ready to be brave but paralyzed by what others might think?


“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

- Brene Brown


Dealing with the things that are keeping you stuck or holding you back from your desires helps you heal. I’ll show you how to integrate mind, body and soul in a way that gives you new techniques to deal with fear and have more fun with it!

Being brave is about feeling and acting on those feelings. I’ll teach you how to do the work of feeling and healing that you need to make a change. I’ll teach you what Purpose-Driven fear feels like so you can use it as a compass.


“Discipline your mind…the body will follow.”

- Master John L. Holloway


Do thoughts of not-good-enough keep you from sharing your gifts?

My Tae Kwon Do master teaches us that whatever we want physically starts in the mind. Most people feel out of control of their healing until they learn tools to help them do it. I’ll teach you about the places you are stuck and what keeps you from healing, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. They are all connected.

I will help you connect with your inner warrior, the intuition that will guide you to the answers you seek about your health and well being and about playing bigger in the world to share your messages out loud.


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman


Are you doing what you love on a daily basis?

Creative flow comes from clearing a space inside of you so that you can connect with who you really are. When you do healing work, you begin to get in touch with what lights you up. You might be surprised to find a writer, poet, artist, dancer or singer underneath the layers that have piled on top of your light.

When you connect with what you love, you move toward healing. When you heal, you are able to connect more with what you love.

Are you still too afraid to share your authentic story?

Sharing your story heals you and the listener. Being vulnerable is your strength. It takes a warrior to feel and tolerate the feelings of being vulnerable and then be a trailblazer for healing. You have that inner warrior. It’s just a matter of learning how to use the tools.

Your story matters. If you’d like to set up a call to discuss a strategy for writing, speaking or sharing that story and building your healing business schedule below or take a peek at one of the transformational programs I’m offering!