Curious about using writing and journaling as a tool on your healing journey? 

Want a new and different way to discover things about yourself?

Ready for a powerful way to heal yourself?

Excited about practicing with a guide and a community of like-minded souls?

Ready to learn how to share your story in a way that feels good, worthy and brave? 

This is a one-night workshop that will teach you something that can change everything! 

Based on my book, Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, and signature courses— Writing as a Path to Healing and Intuitive Writing for Healers— this one-night workshop will give you more than a taste of this powerful work.

Brave Writing will give you permission to start exploring your desires, and what stops you from going after them. It will introduce you to your inner critic, and more importantly, give you tools to quiet her down. It will give you direct access to your inner wisdom, healer and intuition. 

I’ll guide you with body awareness exercises, powerful writing prompts and sacred discussion that will shift your perspective in a way that ignites the Aha’s and fires up your soul to speak.

I’ll inspire you to live your dreams and give you tools for the healing, self-awareness and motivation you’ll need to sustain that. 

And if you’re interested in sharing your messages in a bigger way – I’ll inspire you with the energy and enthusiasm of Brave Healing; the path you’ll take to play bigger in the world and start healing others with your words. 

Join me and a community of brave healers for this amazing, inspirational, life-shifting night! 

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