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It takes a warrior to look at his or her life and decide to make a change.

“I found Laura Probert’s writing course at a crisis point in my journey with chronic illness. I had no idea how absolutely transformative the experience would be. I emerged from the six week course with a clearer sense of identity and purpose. I recommend her course to friends and patients constantly!”

Dr. Ilana Goldberg, D.C.

What if there are things you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

Give Your Wild Heart a VoiceAre you aching to be seen and show up out loud in the world?

Does fear get in the way of you speaking up in your relationships and doing the things you want to do in your life?

Are you tired of living your moments frustrated and resentful instead of joyful and grateful?

Want to finally heal the past and get to the business of sharing your amazing gifts with the world?

Feeling a tug inside, that there’s more to life than pain, doubt and fear? Content but not blissful?

Do you have friends who keep after you to dive into a healing journey, but you don’t? 

You feel like spending the money on your inner self might be a waste of time.

Do you find excuses to avoid the deep work – afraid it will be Pandora’s Box?

Love writing and tend to use journaling to unload and reflect?

Are you looking for simple, effective tools to help you dig deeper and create more magic in your life?

It’s time to be brave and do something that’ll start the healing journey you’ve been wanting to start.

Join me for Write to Heal, the 6 week, self-paced workshop

The mission:
Wake up.
Be brave.
Heal Your shit.
Do what you love.

IMG_1880This writing to heal thing lights me up so much because I’ve felt the benefits in my own life. I’m ready to teach you what I’ve learned!

I’ll help you discover how writing can help you heal and uncover the stuff that’s smothering your soul and making you sick. 

It’s all about listening to your body, getting in touch with your inner warrior and intuition and using writing to see what’s getting in the way of your joy. You’ll discover what you don’t know.

I created six sweet and simple weekly lessons that’ll help you connect to yourself in a powerful way. I put together a precious and rare combination of education, inspiration, and tools to make this happen for you.

I’ll help you learn secrets to healing and empowering yourself on this amazing journey!

You’ll enjoy thought-provoking themes and practical body awareness exercises. The engaging prompts will wake you up and help you find your voice on the page.

If you’ve ever said, “I’m not a writer” but wished you were, you’ll love this class.

If you wish you were writing more, or are curious about using creativity to help yourself heal, this class is for you.

This six week online class combines powerful healing tools with therapeutic writing.
You’ll learn exercises to get in touch with your inner warrior. You’ll be inspired by prompts that’ll transform the way you think about your life.

You’ll learn tools that will help you wake up and live a conscious, connected life, which will help you feel gratitude and joy rather than frustration and resentment.

You’ll discover how to heal the fear, doubt, shame and unworthiness that’s preventing you from shining your light and doing more of what you love.

You’ll feel more excited and inspired as you uncover and find the real you!

You’ll get in touch with your creative side and the power you have to ignite the ideas and dreams you’ve been having.

You’ll feel more clear about what you want and start to be able to make decisions easier.

You’ll leave with powerful, life-long tools to access any time you want that will change the way you think, believe and act in the moments of your day, at work, in your relationships and at home.

Not really sure what I mean? Don’t worry, I have you covered. The awareness you’ll gain in this class will give you powerful choices; choices that will change how you think, believe and act.

You’ll see what’s been blocking your healing process and learn how to break up that repetitive loop of fear that keeps you paralyzed and small.

I’ll inspire you to take action toward your health and joy by helping you be brave and aim your life toward the things you love.

You’ll get how you’ve stepped in your own way and you’ll learn how to release your own healing power by learning the language of your intuition and trusting the messages you get every day that will guide your life.

You’ll discover creativity and how the flow and power of it is always within you, so you can access that part of your life whenever you want.

Here’s how it’ll go down:
1. You will receive a link to a password protected page where you’ll access all the modules for the course.
2. Each audio lesson will include a powerful body awareness exercise and writing prompts. 
3. You’ll have access to a Facebook group where you can connect with other students, share your insights and Aha’s and learn more about using writing as a healing practice.
4. I’ll answer questions in the Facebook group and help guide you with each lesson as needed. 

Are you ready?

Here’s a brief outline of the course!

Week 1: Awareness
In this first week I get you using the most powerful tool you have for healing – the ability to watch/notice/sense what is going on in your mind body and soul. I’ll spell out the importance of this tool and teach you how to use it.
Week 2: The Inner Critic
The inner critic session helps you understand how your thoughts are sabotaging you and what to do about it. This will change the way you think for the better and help you move toward manifesting the things you want for your life.
Week 3: Using Fear as a Compass
This one is a game changer, built on the foundation of sessions 1 & 2, I’ll teach you how fear can be the way you aim toward what you love. It’s a whole new way to think about fear.
Week 4: Feng Shui Your Soul
Week 4 will help you settle the dust and clear a space inside of you to help you get in touch with your divine, creative flow. I’ll discuss the idea of physical and mental decluttering and give you ideas about how this practice will shift your energy and help you heal.
Week 5: Flipping the Switch to the Magic
This session gives you the tools to take everything you’ve learned and create a positive, on-purpose life. “The magic” is about your bliss; what you love to do so much you lose track of time. Lesson four will help you take everything you’ve learned and go out and create what you want.
Week 6: Now What? A Kick-ass Dose of Inspiration
Thanks to my students I am adding this last class to help you with what to do after you’ve come to the end of the course. I’ll discuss your big dreams and goals and inspire the shit out of you so you have no choice but to take action for your writing dreams!

What people are saying about this course:

“Laura Probert has a simple but powerful belief that writing is a great healing tool, and she will teach you how to use it. Her prompts and guidance help even the most reluctant wordsmith put pen to paper in a way that mends the heart and soul.”
Lori Woerhle, Managing Partner at Leapfrog Group


“When I began Laura Probert’s Writing for Warrior Healing course, I didn’t know what to expect. I was sure I would discover new things about myself as I walked my healing journey. But I didn’t foresee the gift of an “Aha!” moment sparking a concept for explaining character development to my writing students and editing clients.

While I dived deep into awareness of my body’s reactions to the lessons, I discovered a lightness of soul I thought long lost. The compassionate, creative people Laura attracts to her courses and working in the sacred space we held for each other, brought joy to my life again. Laura has keen insight into the ways we block ourselves, and gently guides us to free our voices.”

Suzanne Gochenouer

“The first time I read Laura Probert’s writing, I was blown away. It was an intensely personal, scorchingly hot piece that left me thinking, Oh my goodness, this woman is really, really good. Like best-seller good (and I’m not impressed that easily). Her writing brought me right there with her, experiencing each sensation she described. When I had an opportunity to take her new online class, From Awareness to Creativity, I jumped on it. I wanted to learn how to improve my writing from someone I considered a master, and I knew a portion of the class dealt with healing, which also appealed. Laura is a gifted healer, so I rightly figured that the combination of writing and healing would be dynamite.

To summarize, let’s just say that I LOVED this course. It consisted of four lessons and four bonus prompts, and each lesson contained valuable teaching, a guided meditation in Laura’s soothing voice and several timed writing prompts. I started choosing times to do each lesson when I needed to settle down or slow down because Laura’s meditations were so effective. I was truly surprised at what flowed out of me. Each week I seemed to get a new insight when I reread my own words on the page. I think the combination of slowing down the mind and then racing against the timer to write instead of just sitting there and thinking was what enabled the magic from Laura’s brilliant prompts. I now have a whole new toolbox for dealing with my pain, my inner critic and any lingering fears.


If you want to be set free from some of those invisible things holding you back, I highly recommend From Awareness to Creativity.”
Andrea Christensen – Owner of Sacred Skaia Jewelry



“I have gained so much inner awareness during the “From Awareness to Creativity” writing course. Laura’s course led me through meditations and writing prompts that allowed me to explore my fears, feelings and beliefs, how to recognize when my body was not in alignment with me, and focus on positivity in my life. The lessons are so easy to follow and fun to explore. I gained so much insight to 11774809_10205326061283691_2024781221_nthe inner me. I experienced several “ah-ha” moments while doing the exercises. Laura’s passion for healing and writing is culminated in this program. You will truly go from Awareness into Creativity. I truly gained awareness of myself and my feelings and know how to create new positive pathways in my life. Laura is a true healer with heart. This course is magical and a true healing experience.” 

Bonnie Chase – Owner at Healthy Goddess Living



    “I completed the course this morning. I was wrapped up in goose pimples as I listened to your closing words. I loved the course. Like a pebble tossed into the creek, the lessons learned have a ripple effect and I’ve already recognized some interesting changes in the way I look at things. AwarenessPic of Mom is the key! You are right. Waking up and listening to my body, my soul, my heart — it matters! Those intuitive thoughts are right there if we just slow the train down long enough to hear them over the loud engine we call our lives.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Susan L. Ernst, President of Ernst & Associates, INC. 


me at Great Falls“Laura’s ‘From Awareness to Creativity’ writing workshop was a true joy. She provided a nurturing and safe place to come into awareness of our issues and feelings. The energy that Laura brings to the class is very infectious. We are lucky that she is sharing her gifts and true love of the writing process as a path to healing.”
Robin Broder

“Loved this course!! I really liked the addition of the meditations. Most writing classes give you prompts but your class give us the tools to be mindful and present. I love them and plan to repeat the prompts and use them as part of my morning routine.”


“Laura Probert is an extraordinary writer, healer and teacher. I stumbled upon a great article Laura wrote called 9 Great Reasons Everyone Should Write. It was as though I was meant to read her words, “writing leaves me more whole. It helps me integrate mind, body and soul and empowers me to share my gifts with the world.” Yes – this was exactly how I felt! After taking the Warrior Writing 28 Day Challenge with Laura, I felt empowered and excited about my writing. Her course, “From Awareness to Creativity” was amazing. It gave me the tools to expand my awareness and understand my inner critic. With her expert guidance I found the support I needed to face the fears that have kept me from sharing my writing. This course taught me how to use awareness and writing as a way to find my voice and become more in touch with my soul’s purpose. I have gone from barely writing because I never thought what I had to share was worthwhile, to feeling confident about what I am writing. This is truly a miracle! Laura is a master teacher who skillfully blends her talents to help others “wake up” and “live a conscious life” She is an authentic, gifted teacher who has the capacity to inspire others. I would highly recommend this course, it will change your life!”
DSC_0708 - Version 2Carolyn Fahey, Writer and Yoga Teacher




“Laura’s Writing for Warrior Healing is amazing! I’ve been mostly dormant creatively for the past 10 years; this course has changed all that. I’ve gone from being someone who never considered writing, to writing everyday, but not only that I have started the discipline of creating everyday with my painting again! This course is great if you are exploring writing as a new hobby, but it doesn’t stop there. Laura has challenged me into going deeper, seeing the messages that were always there if I just stopped and listened to my body and my heart and know; that we all have gifts, we are all good enough and we all deserve to live our dreams.

This course will wake you up to your talents, your insecurities and your blocks, then help you with them one by one.”
Gemma Final, Writer and Artist

More About Laura:

Laura Probert, MPT has practiced the art of physical therapy for over 22 years and is the owner of Bodyworks Physical Therapy and Brave Healer Productions. She is the author of “Living, Healing and Taekwondo,” an inspirational memoir, and “Warrior Love, A Journal To Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self,” a book of mindful poetry, artwork, and blank journal. Laura is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen.com and The Elephant Journal. She’s been published in BlackBelt Magazine, Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine, BeWell Magazine, On Purpose Woman Magazine, and TinyBuddha.com among several others. Laura’s serious about teaching people about healing in a way that integrates mind, body and soul, and therapeutic writing has become her passion. Wanna know more about me? Check out my ABOUT page.

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