“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Brene Brown

Welcome to the the Empowering the Goddess Within Blog Tour!

I’m thrilled to have you here as a reader, writer or both! I decided to try one of these blog tour thingys after participating in the one August McLaughlin did back in March of this year called Beauty of a Woman. It was fabulous and fun and so I thought, why not try a Brave Healer version!

Because as you know- writing has been come a thing of sorts for me. The passion I feel about the healing going on when we share our stories is real. And I’m so grateful to you for being here and helping me spread the love and change the world! 

This tour is all about you – so let’s get the party started! 

Who is that goddess within? She’s your inner guide, inner healer, and intuition. She’s the essence of your true self, the one that aches and craves and tugs at your heart strings. She’s the one helping you know what to say and what to do to get to your highest, best, truest, most badass, brave, wild, juicy amazing self.

Some of us lost sight of her for a bit – and we’re re-connecting, recharging and bringing her back into our lives to help us learn, evolve, grow and teach others. We’re empowering our goddess within, again. And standing tall in our worthiness, sharing our gifts and stories with the world because we know that right in the middle of that full-on expression is the healing. 

How it works: 
Below you’ll be able to read posts from writers all around the world who are empowering and celebrating the goddess within by writing on one of two topics: 

Healing and Expressing Your Authentic Voice/Self
Awakening the Wild Goddess

To potentially win one of several fabulous empowering prizes, do the following before 11:11 p.m. EST on September 19, 2017

  1. Read and comment on all the posts in the “Healing and Expressing Your Authentic Voice/Self” category (and let me know you did it in a comment below). 5 points
  2. Share at least one blog from this category on Facebook and include the hashtag #BraveHealer. 3 points
  3. Read and comment on all the posts in the “Awakening the Wild Goddess” Category (and let me know you did it in a comment below) 5 points
  4. Share at least one blog from this category on Facebook and include the hashtag #BraveHealer  3 points
  5. Tweet the Blog Tour with the hashtag: #ETGW2017 1 point
    Here’s a tweet you can use, but feel free to write your own:
    Don’t forget to empower the goddess within today! #ETGW201
  6. Contributing bloggers each receive an extra 5 points! 

I’ll count up all the points and then announce the winners in a follow up blog post here after the 19th!

Here they are:

Healing and Expressing Your Authentic Voice/Self

6 Tips for Using Your Authentic Voice ~ by Tobi Camilli, Writer

Get Moving and Let Your True Self Flow ~ by Jen Wilson, PT, PMA-CPT

Our Voice – the Most Powerful Sound on the Planet ~ by Manuela Rohr

The Jean Whisperer ~ by Lorrie Jones, MBSR CHT BSN

Our Three Best Friends in Our Healing Journey ~ by Sue Parry-Jones, author, survivor and mentor.

How Being Unapologetically You Will Free Your Soul ~ by Gail Allen, Age-Well Advocate and Plant Based Lifestyle Coach

Your Voice IS ENOUGH! by FAMIRA, Creative Brand Strategist

Seriously ALZ? by Melissa Patterson, Esq., Writer

Awakening the Wild Goddess

Caution: Writing May Awaken the Goddess Within ~ by Kelly McClyner, novelist

Wild Goddess Emerging from the Embers ~ by Gila Nehemia

Unleashing Your Inner Introverted Goddess ~ by Eva Ponce, Life and Biz Strategist

How to Awaken Your Wild Goddess Self, by Diane Kobrynowicz, Ph.D.

Quest for the Truth, by Izabela Adamus

A Wild Goddess? Me? Wild? A Goddess? Me? Wait… Me? by Melissa Robyn Farwell

What was the most empowering moment from the tour for you? When do you feel most empowered? I love hearing from you all!