♥ Can you relate to feeling unworthy, not good enough and paralyzed when it comes to speaking up?  
Does thinking about expressing your enthusiasm, expertise, ideas, or personal stories make your chest ache? Is it torture to think about others reading about your life, but at the same time you’re feeling a deep ache to share, knowing it’s what will help you and others heal; knowing it’s part of your life’s purpose?

♥ Gotta get things perfect before you take action? Perfectionsim paralysis set in on a regular basis?

♥ Ever feel so afraid of what other people will think, or that you’ll say something that offends, disappoints or worse, sounds unprofessional, that you end up just staying quiet?

♥ Been following everyone else’s rules and slowly letting your soul suffocate in the name of obligation?

Ever stare at your screen, hoping to write something that conveys the seriously authentic, real, brave and passionate ideas you have, but get totally stuck, and wonder what the fuck you’re doing all this forSaveSave



Actually, I was you; painfully shy, using “Introvert” as a shield, and running from confrontation, even when I started feeling it in my body, a clear message I needed to speak up and free my soul from years of resentment, anger and unworthiness. 

Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healers will teach you the brave healing method I developed to get you #worthyandbraveeveryday and sharing the words and messages you were born to share, the ones that will leave your legacy in the world. 

Imagine shifting from a lifetime of being afraid, timid, painfully introverted and unable to understand your real worth in the world to feeling good about yourself, confident about your writing and speaking abilities, worthy, intuitive, brave and badass.

Imagine being able to connect with the soul-driven power within to make clear decisions about your future, and write and share stories that change people’s lives.

Imagine feeling like you were leaving a meaningful legacy for your children; waking up fulfilled, excited and inspired every single day.

Imagine never having writer’s block again. Seriously – can you dig it?

Imagine being called prolific. By more than one person!

Imagine changing someone else’s life for the better because they read your words or heard you speak.SaveSave


This is what happened to me. And you can have it too.

I was everything I mentioned above; afraid, powerless and alone – not good enough, unworthy, disconnected and constantly vying for other people’s opinions, approval, and permission to be myself and share my stories and gifts. I followed everyone else’s rules but my own, needy and desperate for approval, attention, and guidance and totally wrecked when people criticized or disapproved.

…until I started learning the secrets to living fiercely alive, on my own terms, free from the rules and limitations of others.

…until I did the healing work that would allow my soul to breathe and my heart to drive.

…until I learned a certain kind of writing and speaking could be the healing that Feng Shui’d my soul and created space for magic, miracles and the makings of a life lived with extraordinary amounts of joy. 

Imagine this for yourself. It’s possible. 

Can you feel the purpose, mission and calling here? We can. And do. Every. Single. Day. 

The Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healers Mastermind was born to help you feel worthy and brave every day so you can write and speak your heart out and heal the world with your words. It’s specifically for healers who own their own business and are aching to write and speak words that their clients understand and vibe with, words that heal and resonate, and words that help build your business. SaveSave


“Carving out the time for for this workshop has been one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself. Laura has without question found her calling in her role as facilitator, mentor, cheerleader and friend. Participating in such an intimate, sometimes emotional and invigorating class has been both cathartic and empowering.  It is so difficult to put into words – I want to express it for friends and strangers so they can benefit, but it is really one of those things you need to experience to truly understand. I am typically more interested participating in person with groups (Laura is outstanding with that as well as she held a workshop in my living room for a group of friends and all were inspired and craving more of what she has to offer) but the convenience of the zoom call and the ability to connect with women from anywhere in the world is a unique and valuable opportunity. The energy is palpable and it makes the world seem a little smaller.  Laura is authentic in her passion – she walks her talk. Her ability to guide and teach from her intuition and personal experience and simultaneously be on the journey along with the group is a unique duality that creates a special dynamic. I anticipate each class eagerly. “

Alyssa Ehrsam

“This course gave me my wings to fly as a writer, healer and person.  I walked into it without knowing how this would benefit me and even having doubts if I belonged there, but from the first session, I knew I was in the right place with the right teacher. I immediately felt the support, the warmth and the encouragement both from Laura and the other women.

Laura models such bravery and authenticity herself, it can’t help but rub off on you. Throughout this course I could feel my courage and confidence growing, allowing me to take step after bold step in my writing both for my healing business and for myself personally and creatively.  It was more than I could have imagined and I now feel like, YES, I am a writer!  And the support continues through the fabulous FB group!” 

Fellow healer, K.T.

“Your energy is powerful and it comes through in your writing and sharing. Something about how your writing and the way your feelings come across and connect with complete strangers is just amazing. Your workshops have helped me a lot. Your sincere care for my wellbeing has gotten me to where I am today. And I know I have a bright and exciting journey to continue. And for that, I am eternally grateful.” 


“Laura Di Franco is a force to be reckoned with. She ignites a fire and nurtures the flame during the course of the class. She designed a class built to tap into the deep recesses of your soul. The weekly writing sessions help release anxieties and stress. Laura offers up continuous support and positive energy. Her mentoring, along with the synergy of the other class members made the experience feel like a weekly therapy session and left me with a notebook full of writing entries and all kinds of tips and resources”


“The class helped me break through some of the mental and emotional blocks that kept me from expressing myself creatively. Being able to identify those blocks and learning how to better manage them are invaluable tools. Finding community with other people on this journey was also a special experience. And Laura is an absolutely wonderful teacher and guide through this process!! Take this class. You won’t regret it.”


Justine Calderwood,

Owner of The Healing Spot Physical Therapy, LLC

“I could write a book on how this class has changed my life. The people in my life I’ve connected with, the ones I’ve reconnected with and the ones I don’t care if I ever connect with again. It’s all a matter of getting in touch with the warrior within. You really know how to get people to get in touch with one another and more importantly, with themselves.”


“When I found Laura via an article she wrote on Elephant Journal in 2016 I had no idea I would be where I’m now. I wanted to write. Have been writing in journals for most of my life. Had published a story in a book but dropped back into my silence after. Never feeling my writing was “right” or even ready to share with the world. I was missing a coach, a teacher who could read my story and help me pull the pieces together. Laura helped me to do that. 
How she shows up to share her passion, her wisdom, her craft has pulled me out of hiding and helped me to make writing my passion right next to being a yoga teacher/therapist. I found my mission to combine both. I have several blogs going, published on different platforms, a book is in the making and guess what… if I still doubt a little at times that I’m doing it right,  it’s Laura’s honesty, her enthusiasm in how she shows up and shares her work that gets me out of the pit and write. 
I do value writing authentic words that heal, myself and the world, with Laura in her Intuitive Writing For Healers workshops as my number one commitment to write and show up to the world. Where I am today is because of her. I will not miss it, I will be part of her revolution.”


Manuela Rohr, BDY/EY, C-IAYT, PRYT


Intuitive Writing for Healers was an amazing class and I highly recommend it for anyone that is interested in writing. Laura possesses a unique talent that enables her to reach deep down into a participant’s soul to aid them in discovering their potential. Guided body awareness exercises, combined with writing prompts and thought-provoking topics, helped me to grow my writing habit and courage over a short period of time. The safe environment for sharing and openness that Laura provides sets everyone up for success. This was such a great experience, I would encourage you to explore the opportunities that Laura provides.
Jerri St. John,

Independent Consultant, Proud Paparazzi PRODUCER , paparazziaccessories.com/jewelsfromjerri

How’s this mastermind going to roll?

Here’s an outline of the workshop topics and exercises we’ll be exploring and practicing:

1. An Exploration of Desire.
In the first session I’m going to acquaint you with your desires and intuition. We’ll explore body awareness as a gateway to connecting with the superpower of your intuition, and how to get crystal clear about what aligns with the dreams you have for your writing, speaking and your life. We’ll figure out your bigger why, talk about the purpose and mission for your writing, and practice allowing your soul to speak, both out loud and on the page. We will attempt to answer the question, who am I?

2. Befriending Your Inner Critic
In session three we’re going to do some inner critic exercises that will change the game in terms of the awareness you have of your thoughts and how those thoughts are running (and sometimes ruining) your life. Get ready to dive into the dark alley of your mind so we can do a little Feng Shui in there and start to sort out what’s helpful and what needs to go. We’ll use writing and speaking tools that up-level the way you think, believe and then act in alignment with what you desire. 

3. Having Fun with Fear
In session three we’ll practice recognizing, addressing and conquering the voices and messages of doubt, fear, shame and guilt that keep you from writing your stories and sharing those gifts with the world. This is the difficult work of healing that will be worth your effort. We’ll peel off the layers that have been smothering your soul and preventing you from writing and speaking your real, raw, authentic and powerful truth. We’ll explore fear as a compass; your souls GPS, and show you how reframing it can change everything when it comes to expressing yourself and your message. 

BONUS COACHING – Bring your questions and writing for feedback and fine tuning
In this session you’re invited to bring a piece to read and get some support on. We’ll learn how to give feedback to other writers in a way that feels good, nourishing and supportive. We’ll learn what makes writing and speaking come alive for the reader/audience, and how to infuse that into our writing and speaking!

4. Flipping the Switch to Limitless
In session four we’ll explore and develop resources to help you move into the connected, intuitive, creative and unlimited source more easily and quickly. Writer’s block? Ha! No more! With a toolbox of gratitude, love, magic and miracles, you’ll never have to worry about knowing what to write about. We’ll explore the idea of detachment and what it means for your writing. We’ll also talk about who you really want to write for.

5. What’s Still Getting You Stuck?
In session five I’ll help you with where you’re still unclear, doubtful, fearful or stuck. We’ll practice some next-level awareness techniques to help you bust through any fear left in your way and reframe your inner critic voice so that it doesn’t stop you even if you still hear it. We’ll talk about how to define your ideal reader/audience and what it means to write for them in your authentic, fearless voice. Lesson five will move you to badass status, if you’re ready for it!

In our next-to-last last session, we’ll practice giving and receiving feedback on our pieces one more time. We’ll help you with any last questions you have about your pieces, how to get them ready for publishing or speaking and give you any support you need. We’ll do some Q&A and enjoy some extra inspiration and motivation for your future projects.

6. Aligned Action and the Magic Your Dreams are Made Of
This session is about aligning with your purpose, mission and calling, setting goals, and then going for them. We’ll talk about creating a strategy for submitting your writing to magazines and blogs, and landing speaking gigs. We will talk about what you should have in place before you publish or speak, and how to go about getting more exposure and publicity for everything you want to do in the future. This is a great time to bring any last questions! 


6 Fridays starting August 16th, from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 p.m. 

Plus two bonus coaching/feedback calls: Sunday September 1st from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. and Sunday September 22nd from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (NOTE: Bonus call schedule is tentative and may be adjusted!)

All workshops will enjoy a dedicated Facebook group JUST for my Intuitive Writing and Speaking participants where you’ll get extra support, inspiration, and motivation in a community of like-minded souls. I’ll do some live Q&A’s in the group as well. This will be a place to share and get feedback on your writing from other readers/writers too! 

Grab your spot below. Maybe there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything! Scroll down for more details about what intuitive writing is and who your guides are too!

Grab your spot by filling out this form:

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What’s intuitive writing?

Intuitive writing’s a new paradigm for communication; a combination of connection, courage and vulnerable, authentic voice the world craves right now. It’s the truth (your truth) in words on a page, to help you heal, to help you present your sacred offerings, to help you fulfill your soulful ambitions and ultimately to help you change the world. 

Allow your soul to speak on the page and your writing will come alive, making it a treat for readers and a transformational healing practice for you. If your mission is personal; to feel worthy, to feel brave, or to heal old wounds, this work will change everything. If your mission is to inspire, entertain or share your sacred business offers with the world – the secrets and powerful tools of intuitive writing will create impact that’s authentic, emotional and engaging.

Many talented, seasoned writers will tell you their writing comes from a bigger place than them; that it feels channeled, like a flow from a source other than them. Intuitive writing comes from this unlimited source within – a connection to an energy much bigger than ourselves.

Intuitive writing’s the voice of our brave, authentic self and our essence. That authentic self is the truest expression of you; your soul. That voice is infused with badass power, courage, generosity, creativity, positivity, inspiration and enthusiasm. Intuitive writing, also called free writing or therapeutic writing, is moving words from your heart and soul to the paper, without getting in the way of the flow with over-thinking, analyzing, judging or censoring. The intuitive writing process is a healing process and a transformational practice. It’s also the last copy-writing tool you’ll ever need. 

Why is Intuitive Writing Better?

Intuitive writing comes from a connected, embodied, feeling place inside you – the right brain, creative place. It flows from a place that’s your authentic voice. Intuitive writing has feeling, emotion and energy that moves the reader. It’s not forced, made up, or over-thought. Intuitive writing can be used to express the real you. It’s real, and vulnerable. Full expression of the real you feels good, for both you and the reader. It’s what connects them to you, what helps them resonate with your message or story.

If you’re faking it, we can tell on the page. If you’re being superficial or inauthentic, we can tell. If you’re writing like a robot and not feeling anything when you write, we can tell! Intuitive writing is genuine, deep, authentic, relaxed and full of feeling. It’s better because it feels better. 

Imagine never having the problem of writer’s block ever again! When you write intuitively, there’s no such thing as writer’s block. This kind of writing has an unlimited source. The best copy writing is intuitive writing. When you’re creating marketing materials and selling your sacred offerings to the world, your writing must come from an authentic voice. Intuitive writing is the way to express this voice.

Imagine being able to anticipate the needs of the audience you’re serving! Intuitive writing helps you do that. Imagine being able to heal your own resistance, triggers and wounds while you write for others! Intuitive writing does this! Imagine being able to save thousands of dollars and hours of time in therapy. Bold statement, I know.

Here’s what a former student said about that:

“The mentoring, along with the synergy from the other class members, made the experience feel like a weekly therapy session, which left me with a notebook full of writing entries and all kinds of tips and resources.” 

And she wasn’t the only one to compare this process to the best therapy ever. How can this be? Because when you connect to your body and enjoy an enhanced and deepened awareness of your thoughts, sensations, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, and you’re cared for in an environment that makes you feel respected, worthy and brave, you can change everything. 

Can I write like that?

Yes, everyone can tap into this source. Everyone comes from this source. Everyone has access to it and can learn how to connect to it. It’s a matter of learning how. Most of us were taught right out of that connection as children; made to think about and analyze our surroundings, rather than tune into our intuition and energy. Connecting to our intuition is a skill we can re-discover. You were born with it. You can learn how to connect again. The Intuitive Writers Workshop was created to help you do this!

What will you be teaching us?

The Intuitive Writers Workshop will teach you how to connect with your body, mind, and soul in a way that your writing flows from a deeper, more intuitive, soulful place. I’ll guide you through exercises and writing prompts that’ll help you learn about yourself and what gets in the way of your best, most alive and courageous writing. We’ll practice tools to help you feel worthy and fearless when it comes to writing and sharing your most impactful stories. I’ll show you powerful ways to connect with your true self, authentic voice and passionate storyteller. This workshop will teach you how to become an intuitive writer for any project you’re working on. And it’s intuitive writing that not only gets read but attracts engaged, raving fans. Your intuitive writing will change and heal the world. 

I’ll also be assisting you with your writing projects; helping you with tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. I’ll help you give and receive feedback in a way that leaves you feeling great, inspired and motivated. You’ll learn what it means to have work that’s ready for publishing, and where yours needs some fine tuning to get it there. 

What’s your street cred, Laura?

Glad you asked.

I’m an intuitive writing strategist, inspirational speaker, a poet, published author, holistic physical therapist and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I have over two decades-worth of experience in healing and writing. I’ve been journaling since I was fifteen, blogging since 2008, and have been a published author since 2012. My books include a memoir (Living, Healing, and Taekwondo) and four poetry journals (Warrior Love, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self was the first, followed by Warrior Joy, Warrior Soul, and Warrior Dreams). My new book, Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey, was released by Possibilities Publishing Company on June 1st! 

I’m currently writing a book about brave healing, a book about intuitive writing and a spiritual erotica novel. I’m a contributor for The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, The Elephant Journal, The Wellness Universe, Consumer Health Digest, Best Self Magazine, and a host of other amazing online sites that focus on personal development.

I teach my live workshop, Writing as a Path to Healing, at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland and have developed and taught online versions as well. I do freelance writing for influencers and intuitive writing strategy sessions for those wanting to share their stories with the world.

On a personal note: I’m a recovering good girl and perfectionist. I’m winning the battle with unworthiness. I love drag racing and raves. I live by this quote from my coach Torrie Pattillo: “When you’re positive, on-purpose, determined and optimistic, magical shit happens,” and I’m navigating motherhood with two amazing, badass teenagers as a newly divorced goddess. I dig dark chocolate and cheese, but not necessarily at the same time. 

Getting super real now: I moved through a deep depression recently to the other side, where joy sat staring me in the face and said, “You ready?” How did I move through it? A combination of a fierce awareness practice and the writing process I’m about to teach you. I’m extremely passionate about this work. The energy I feel on a daily basis due to the healing I’ve done made one of my closest friends say, “It takes stamina to roll with you.” She’s right. This work changes lives. It changes everything.

This workshop is for you if:

If you’re working on a particular project (starting or writing a blog/blogs, submitting blogs for publication on other sites, writing a book, writing a sales page or other offerings, writing your signature talk or speech, etc…) you will get a lot out of this program! 

Other people who are going to get badass amounts of awesomeness from this program:

Those who are ready to express their stories out loud and make a healing impact on the world.
Those who are ready to take action on their dreams and be unapologetic about it.
Those willing to do the deeper healing work, face their fears, wounds, and triggers. 
Those wanting to practice their badassery.
Those ready to make a transition.
Those who are afraid but willing to take action anyway.
Those who are unapologetic about their dreams, goals, and desires.
Those who are intuitive, feeling souls.
Those willing to invest in themselves and their evolution.
Those ready to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. 

This program is not for you if:
You’re not ready to take action.
You’re not willing to look at your resistance or do the deeper healing work. 
You’re not ready to be out loud with your messages. 
You’re not ready to feel worthy or brave.
You’re not willing to slide outside your comfort zone and explore.
You’re not willing to do things even though you’re afraid.
You don’t take personal growth or healing seriously.
You aren’t on a healing journey. 
You’re not ready or willing to invest in yourself or your dreams.
You’re not ready to hit “publish” on that brilliant blog!

Ready to take a journey to your soul and make your writing come alive? I’m your sherpa and I can’t wait to get started!

Fill out the form above to grab your seat today &

make 2019 the year you heal the world with your words!



Introducing your workshop hostess:

Laura Di Franco, MPT

Laura Di Franco, MPT is the founder of Brave Healer Productions. Shes a 6-time published author, an expert holistic physical therapist, and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Shes a prolific writer and blogger whos been featured in over two dozen online and print publications. Her latest book Brave Healing was released by Possibilities Publishing Company in 2018, and this year shes being represented by Savvy Literary Agency for her next book. Lauras inspirational talks have been enjoyed by audiences small and large. Shes written four books of poetry, is working on her fifth, and has a passion for the open mic. Laura is also an instructor at The Writers Center and teaches regular live and online workshops throughout the year. When shes not writing or thinking about writing, shes usually spending time with her two teenagers, driving her Mustang, hanging out with her dogs, kicking or hiking; all things that inspire her poems and writing.  www.BraveHealer.com