Living Brave; Having Fun with Fear

A power hour to help you shift and transform fear. We’ll practice body-mind awareness and therapeutic writing exercises and add some sacred discussion to help use fear as a compass instead of letting it paralyze you. We’re going to start to have more fun with our fear and get to living brave!

I’ve decided to offer a couple of live online classes based on the Writing as a Path to Healing work, but in smaller chunks. These will help you get an idea what this work is all about in a small bite, without the larger commitment. Hint; It’s about JOY! And to get to joy, you need to practice feeling fear, using it as a compass and having more fun with it! 


“I found Laura Probert’s course, Writing as a Path to Healing, at a crisis point in my journey with chronic illness. I had no idea how absolutely transformative the experience would be. I emerged from the six week course with a clearer sense of identity and purpose. I recommend her course to friends and patients constantly!”

Dr. Ilana Goldberg, D.C.

What if there are things you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

When: Friday August 25, 2017 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m.
Where: Online/Zoom
Fee: $37 


Join me and experience some of the profound healing work based on my 6-Week Writing as a Path to Healing workshop. This will be a short but powerful boost that’ll give you tools to:

1. Recognize the kinds of fear getting in the way of moving toward your biggest desires and dreams.
2. Shed light on and shift fear so it doesn’t paralyze you.
3. Motivate you to take the action required to bust through your fears.
4. Use fear as a compass in the future to point you toward what aligns with your desires and dreams.
5. Have fun with fear so it becomes something challenging you to be your best self and live a brave life. 

I’ll teach you how to start using fear as a compass and have more fun with it by using the following: 

Guided body awareness
Mindfulness practices
Therapeutic writing/journaling
Healing discussion
Exploration and awareness of the inner voice
Myofascial Release Principles (this is a mind-body, hands-on technique I practice and I’ll be using John F. Barnes teachings about awareness to enhance your journey).
Self awareness and reflection
Personal story telling 
Poetry readings 

Over my career as a healer the journey’s taken me places I never knew I’d be. Strange, interesting, life-changing places. There’re so many things I learned along the way that changed EVERYTHING! And I believe one of the pieces of my mission and calling is to help others feel the hope and joy that comes from knowing there’s more to learn and that things can change in ways you never knew possible! Yes, you really can start to have more fun with your fears. And doesn’t that sound a lot better than feeling small, powerless, afraid and paralyzed by them? 

Grab your spot – space limited to create the best environment for sharing. 

Living Brave; Having Fun with Fear

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