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Laura is a badass combination of expert healer, teacher, author, poet and inspirational speaker. As a holistic physical therapist, Myofascial Release practitioner, published author, workshop leader, and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, she’s grateful to have contributed her insights to many world-changing publications and organizations.

She helps healers heal so they can heal the world. She helps men and women who have a mission to help the world by first healing their own wounds, and reclaiming their worth, power and courage. She loves getting people to the point where they’re ready to be brave and take action for their healing and make a plan for sharing their gifts. She’s a Sherpa for that journey.

Laura’s articles, now in mulitple online (and print) magazines, have begun to redefine healing. Her 1:1 sessions and workshops (both live and online) have ignited shift and transformation in hundreds of people. 

Her inspirational talks are lighting fires under the healers of the world; finally getting them to do what they were meant to do and reach more people while they do it. 

My Mission

To ignite a revolution of brave healers who want to wake up and light the world on fire with their gifts. To help them write words that heal themselves and the world. To create a spark that instills the courage to act when doubt and fear try to get in the way. 

I believe being a warrior means:
*Walking the healing path as a sacred duty
*Doing the work necessary to heal the shit that covers up your soul
*Finding, healing and expressing your voice
*Following your passions
*Lighting up the world with your message

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My article, "Writing to Heal" appeared in the December issue of Best Self Mag!

My article, “Writing to Heal” appeared in the December issue of Best Self Mag!











Laura Di Franco, MPT is an intuitive writing strategist, holistic physical therapist and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. Praised as “our favorite class” by The Writer’s Center, her brave, intuitive writing and healing workshops are the reason she was born. She helps writers get their badass, authentic voice published in order to heal the world with their words. 

She works with women and men struggling to feel worthy, brave and inspired by showing them how to take aware, aligned and on-purpose action with their writing. She teaches the transformational tools for healing and powerful strategy for the expression that’ll nourish your fiercely alive whole self. When you’re ready to begin an adventure to your soul and live the life you crave, she’s your sherpa. Ready to take this all to the next level? Grab your free 30-minute intuitive writing strategy call HERE. And more free inspiration on Laura’s Facebook page HERE.

I love to talk about:

My purpose is to specifically help as many healers as possible who want to heal their lives and inspire others to do the same.
Get me on stage and ask me to talk about my favorite topics!

*Awareness as a key to healing and transformation
*Using writing as a healing practice
*The journey to self-worth
*Redefining healing
*What it means to be a warrior in your life
*Mind Body Soul connection and integration
*Befriending the inner critic
*Having fun with your fear
*The power of changing your thoughts
*The healing magic of telling your stories
*Intuitive writing
*Writer’s block is for sissies


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 Enjoy my 7 minute body awareness audio to get an idea about using awareness as a healing tool:


Here's what my peepshave to sayaboutworking with me!

“In order to be a good teacher, you must be a good student. Laura is hands down one of THE most dedicated students I’ve ever met, and that has been the catalyst for her being an extraordinary teacher.

She truly practices and embodies EVERY single thing she preaches. Mind/Body/Spirit/Soul healing isn’t just her work, it’s the reason she was born. Laura is here to set the world free in every sense of the word.

Whether she is making art, cooking, writing a blog post, creating her next book, teaching a class, having a private session with a client, or doing her own healing, the core of it all is the same: she is being a trailblazing warrior who really cares what every person she encounters experiences in their daily life. She is igniting the blueprint that shows the world how to be fiercely alive, on purpose, fulfilled and brave.

I have learned so much from Laura. Her energy, wisdom, love, expertise & passion has turned everything she touches into gold, and she is actively showing others how to do the same.

You may come to Laura wanting to learn how to get rid of pain, to learn how to embrace movement or soulful writing or to finally learn how to make this mind/body/spirit/soul thing work for you: but what you will gain is incomprehensible. You will awaken to your soul’s mission, align with your life purpose, create your own revolution and be empowered with everything that it takes to be YOU, happily, authentically & with ease.

Thank you Laura for being one of the brightest sparks of light that I know.”
Torrie Pattillo
Soul-Level Strategist for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

“Laura Probert writes with a pen on fire and a heart on a mission to empower and heal the world. I’ve worked with hundreds of people at my Haven Writing Retreats, and she is one of the most fierce spirits and writers that have come my way. I hope her words will explode into the collective. We need them!” Laura Munson
NYT best-selling author, and founder of Haven Writing Retreats

“When I first signed up for Laura’s Writing for Warrior Healing class I was not sure what to expect from it. I have not been accustomed to taking online writing classes- actually not many classes. When we received our instructions every week which included and audio recording by Laura it began to feel like a gift! She took us through the exercises with such ease and understanding that it did it felt more like sharing your intimate thoughts with a close friend. She held the space for the class and encouraged us to participate in the exchange with each other. The progression of the class is beautifully orchestrated. Laura is a gifted teacher. I would recommend everyone taking this class. This is a journey to oneself.”
Maryam Sardari, MS, ATR
Reconnective Healing®- Foundational Practitioner
The Reconnection Certified Practitioner
Life Coach

“Nobody is better than Laura at connecting the dots on why something hurts or won’t work. it isn’t always obvious. Her knowledge of anatomy and what connects to what is astounding. She is the best, and a lovely soul to boot.”
Lori Woerhle
Managing Partner at Leapfrog Group

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about this skillful healer. I sought her help for chronic neck pain which was debilitating. I had seen several physical therapists beforehand, and just did not make any progress, nor did I get any relief. After the first session with her, I knew she was my healer.
Laura does not typically use traditional modalities when she does her magic. Her main modality with me has been myofascial release. She trained with John Barnes, who I believe is the best in his field. She is also well versed in cranial sacral therapy and is skilled in identifying and fixing muscle compensation patterns.
Laura’s approach is intelligent and thoughtful. What I love about her is while she works on you, she talks about the muscles and their relationships. I’ve learned so much since I started seeing her. She is also an athlete (a black belt in Tai Kwon Do), so we can also have intelligent discussions about types of workouts that are best for me.
Laura’s healing space is fabulous. She works out of the basement of her home and has transformed it into a soothing spa like environment. I always leave there feeling refreshed in body and mind.
Like many excellent physical therapists, she is out of network. My insurance is more than adequate so it is not an issue for me. But wanted to point that out for those who do not have the coverage. But in my opinion, it is worth the out of pocket expense because she is that good.”
Sonia Vigilante

“Dear Laura, you are a great healer! You have great expertise and knowledge that you utilize to heal your patients. When I fifrst saw you I was in severe pain, after one session of treatment with you, the pain was reduced to 50%, then after the second session most of the pain was gone. All the pain killers that I took could not provide the relief I enjoyed after one session with you. Moreover, your lovely personality made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the session, it also helps me remember your recommendations to improve my neck and back injury and prevent future injury. I would like to thank you for the wonderful work that you have been doing with me and I wish you all the best.”
Mishkat Al Moumin

“Dear Laura, I just have to tell you how incredible you are!! I entered your office yesterday hoping for, at most, a little bit of relief and I walked out an hour later like a new, liberated person. I could hardly believe it and it’s now the evening of the following day and I am still pain free! Yipee!
I always knew you were good at what you do, but now I am in awe. I was at my wits end not knowing where to go and so nervous about going into the upcoming foot surgery with such a hurting back. As long as you’re there, I’m much calmer about what’s ahead. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I’ve been to a lot of physical therapists but not one even came close to what you are. You are constantly studying, learning, looking for answers to your patient’s problems and taking such a sensible approach to each problem. Let me know how you think I should proceed to keep myself loose and out of spasm. And thank you again and again.”
Dorothy F.

“Laura offers life changing therapy to ease chronic and acute pain. She provides hands on therapy using techniques suited to your needs. No more cookie cutter physical therapy!”
Cathy J.

“I have been having back pain since being in a car accident four years ago and have sought treatment from several people. None of them were able to have the instant impact that Laura had in just a few treatments. Her hands-on approach got right at the issue and has helped me tremendously. I would heartily recommend her!”
Phil G.

“Laura has been my go-to body work expert for 6 years. Her ability to reduce pain and restore mobility with light touch (craniosacral) therapy is nothing short of amazing. She is a very creative problem solver and has used many techniques to help get my muscles out of spasm/body parts in alignment so I can get back to my normal activities quickly. She draws on a wide set of resources to illustrate and teach exercises, body mechanics, and stretches you do on your own to maintain your good result. She plans, is organized and runs an on-time, very professional office. She is also an extremely gracious, engaging, pleasant person.”
Noreen M.

“Laura has been treating me for cervical dystonia/spasmodic torticollis. Although there is no cure for this movement disorder, she has reduced my pain tremendously (from multiple involuntary muscle spasms that turn normally flexible muscles into rigid immovable lumps) which has greatly improved my quality of life. She is the most caring, innovative, and helpful physical therapist I have ever seen. I would pass up appointments with other physical therapists because it was usually a waste of my time. I even followed Laura to Rockville, MD where her new practice is located from McLean, VA and I live in Virginia. To travel across the river on the beltway sometimes in horrible traffic, speaks very highly of her skills, dedication, knowledge and expertise in physical therapy. Laura is constantly improving her skills by taking classes in many different modalities to help her clients. I advise all my friends to go see her.”
Debby B.

“I have been in physical therapy since 2002 for upper back and sacroiliac pain. When I met Laura I was skeptical at first because she didn’t do anything similar to my four prior physical therapists. Then I realized that I left the other therapists because it wasn’t working. Laura started by giving me one specific exercise which greatly reduced my SI pain. Laura has still not done one thing the same, nor give me an exercise/stretch that is like my previous therapy.”
Janelle B.