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When you learn the difference between taking any action and taking aligned action you’ll have a much easier path toward success than you dreamed possible. 

But like me, you may have learned that any action is key and developed a hustle habit that’s starting to feel exhausting and unsustainable. 

You’ll need to break that hustle and grind habit, and depending on how bad you’re addicted to it, the new success habit of flowing with aligned action may be challenging. 

Let me help you with a new training schedule. Because any new habit, just like training your body for a new level of strength or flexibility, takes awareness, practice, and discipline. 

Training yourself to align

To be successful means you need to be willing to do things differently, not necessarily work yourself to death. Problem is there’s so much competition to reach the finish line faster than the next person with technology making us feel like we have to be machines to keep up, that the average human is losing the race and giving up. 

You’re not a machine. You’re going to lose if you try to compete against one. What if this could be way easier? 

What if you could learn a system of flow in your life and business that made more sense, helped you feel better, and got you where you wanted to go more easily? 

Would you be willing to let go of what you’ve learned so far and try something different?

Depending on your beliefs, you may resist. And it’s exactly those thoughts, feelings and reaction-based actions I want you to rid yourself of. Aligned action is about noticing how everything feels. You’re going to have to slow down long enough to do that. 

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Addicted to hustle?

If you’re addicted to action taking and you’re in the habit of doing and not being so much, shifting to taking aligned action is going to be challenging, but not impossible. You have to start by noticing you’re in that mode, noticing how it feels to your mind-body, and then stopping the train. 

If you’re thinking that your action-taking habit has served you well, you’re right. But what if there was something even more powerful? That’s what I’m asking you to ponder today. 

It’s not the action taking that’s the problem. It’s taking any action, all day long, no matter how it feels to you, that is. 

That’s a recipe for burnout. 

Aligned action is the recipe for a nourishing daily flow that replenishes your energy, leads you to the next best step, attracts opportunities, situations, and people that can help you, and basically makes your dreams come true.

Aligned action is the key. Are you feeling the vibe yet? 

It’s the vibe that’s important

If you’re not used to feeling then you’re going to have to get good at something new; train yourself to notice when something feels good and right and easy, and when something feels off, not-so-right, or difficult. 

I’m not talking about running away from hard work. 

I’m taking about running away from situations that don’t vibe with your soul’s mission, purpose and calling. 

Your inner self knows. Your inner being tells you every single day what’s right and good and worth pursuing. Do you know that language? Are you fluent?

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Time for some intuition 101 

The language I’m talking about is expressed in sensation; physical/mental/emotional. It can come in the form of a message or words, but it’s more about how something feels inside you. 

And if you’re like many in my generation you were taught to ignore that and think your way through everything. You were taught to lead with your mind, not your heart. You were taught to ignore what you feel and sense and trust something else. 

That something else might have been what everyone else around you was telling you, instead of what your own heart and soul already knew was right and good for you. 

And that right there is where we got screwed up into thinking that any action is good action and forgot to pay attention to what feels more aligned. 

Any action is better than no action.

Aligned action is better than any action. 

See how this works? So while taking action will get you unstuck, especially when you’re paralyzed by doubts or fears about the next best step, aligned action will have you in the more powerful flow you know is possible. 

My question to you now is, what are you feeling today? 

Here are three quick steps to starting the discipline of aligned action through awareness that will help you stop your hustle habit, get in the flow and start to create a life and business that fills you up instead of burns you out. 

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3 steps to alignment

  1. Notice what you feel and practice getting good at that. Use a journal to write down what you notice and keep track of when it feels good or bad.
  2. Make a list of good-feeling sensations. Describe how it feels inside you when things are great, easy, flowing and abundant. Start to reference your list when you’re questioning whether or not something is right for you. Just notice how something feels, and if that feeling is on your list.
  3. Follow what feels good. Do the experiment of saying yes to everything that feels good, right and easy for a day or a week or a month. When something feels not-so-good, make the decision to put that aside or on the back burner for now and only follow what feels great. See what happens. 

This may sound simple, and it is, but we’ve been taught and conditioned to do what we’re told, follow the rules, and hustle our way to success no matter how it feels. So following the above steps might feel really challenging, or down-right impossible at first. 

Notice your own resistance to letting go of what doesn’t align. Notice what you’re making everything mean. The biggest obstacle to getting into a discipline of aligned action is your own limiting thoughts and beliefs. Once you become a master at your mindset very little will get in the way of creating a new habit, one that helps you serve from an overflow instead of your reserves. 

If it doesn’t align (feel good) then don’t do it. If you don’t know what feels good or are getting anxious waiting for something that does, meditate, take a breath, learn a mind-body practice that will serve you in the meantime. 

Find a community

And if you’re struggling with this new practice, don’t try it alone. Find a community of badasses who are practicing together. This is crucial to your success. You’ll find my community, The Brave Healers Mastermind and Refuge, on Facebook, and I guarantee you’ll be among great company. 

It’s time to align baby. It just feels better. You weren’t born to work hard and die.

You were born for the joy.

Now go let yourself feel it and let that be your guide to success. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this discussion: What About Doing Things That Don’t Feel Good? Because I know you’re sitting there wondering about stuff like eating right and exercising and motivating yourself to do tasks that don’t necessarily feel good but are good for you. In fact, join me in the comments right now and tell me what keeps you stuck when it comes to aligning with your desires dreams and goals! 

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