There’s a marketing warrior inside you and it’s time to unleash her!

You have always had the drive, passion and persistence. You’re practicing the mindset. So why isnt this working yet? Might be going through your mind. The answer?

Youll need a fearless focus in three specific new strategies to get you the exposure and publicity you need to see better results for your marketing efforts, passion and creativity.

We know (because weve done it) that brave writing, speaking on a stage and guesting on podcasts will bring everything to another level for you.

Were excited to show you how, and completely turned on by the idea youre ready to learn these tools!

Were confident that with the right badass community, guidance, mastermind and resources youll get the liftoff for your business youve been dreaming of, craving, and a little desperate for.

Doing it alone is not an option. Weve been there. Its not pretty.

Listen nowand really get this: with some evolution, learning, persistence, networking and collaboration, anything you want is possible; if you have the right mindset, resources, strategy and action.

Youre invited to the Unleash Your Marketing Warrior event;
a Brave Healer Production!


September 5, 2019

American Inn of Bethesda
8130 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814








This is a one-day immersion into the mindset, strategy, tools, community and plan that youll need to focus fearlessly, unapologetically and confidently on the growth of your business and the legacy you were born for.

Were going to show you how to show up, share your message and make more money.

Introducing your warrior team leaders:

Who are we? The Unleash Your Marketing Warrior leaders are badasses yall.

Four experts have come together for this event to show you exactly what weve done to cultivate the mindset, work with the fear and execute the strategy and take the steps that have moved us from pretty cool, to influencer status.

Anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice. Weve walked the talk and know what awesome means.

Were stoked to teach you the stuff weve learned, help you avoid the mistakes weve made, and give you the secrets and shortcuts thatll save you a crap ton of time, money, effort and overwhelm.

Laura Di Franco, MPT

Laura Di Franco, MPT is the founder of Brave Healer Productions and the lead warrior for the Unleash Your Marketing Warrior event. Shes a 6-time published author, an expert holistic physical therapist, and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Shes a prolific writer and blogger whos been featured in over two dozen online and print publications. Her latest book Brave Healing was released by Possibilities Publishing Company in 2018, and this year shes being represented by Savvy Literary Agency for her next book. Lauras inspirational talks have been enjoyed by audiences small and large. Shes written four books of poetry, is working on her fifth, and has a passion for the open mic. Laura is also an instructor at The Writers Center and teaches regular live and online workshops throughout the year. When shes not writing or thinking about writing, shes usually spending time with her two teenagers, driving her Mustang, hanging out with her dogs, kicking or hiking; all things that inspire her poems and writing.

Ginny Robertson

For 19 years, Ginny Robertson has connected women around the world to their gifts, their purpose and each other. She does this through six monthly Connections Over Coffee in-person meetings of the On Purpose Woman Community in Maryland and one in Richmond VA, four monthly Connections Thru Conversation online gatherings, the On Purpose Woman online Magazine, the On Purpose Woman Global Movement group on Facebook, as well as keynotes, talks, retreats and workshops.

A gifted speaker and facilitator, she has been helping women “Get Out of Their Own Way” and live their best lives, both personally and professionally, for over 25 years.

Ginny is a contributing author to three anthologies: and for four years, she was the co-host of the WomanTalk Live radio show on WCBM in Baltimore. In 2012 she was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record.

Donnie Boivin

Donnie Boivin has over two decades of experience in sales and hes going to show you what it means to be a badass in your business. Hes an expert sales professional and top 200 iTunes podcaster. His quickly-growing Facebook group, Donnies Success Champions, is kicking ass, taking names and redefining how to do business. After an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and diving into the world of sales at a young age, Donnie took a huge risk and started his own business. Through learning from the mistakes and being at the brink of failure, he gained the experience, perseverance and attitude required to succeed. Find him at

KaNikki Jakarta

Mistress of Ceremonies

KaNikki Jakarta is an award winning performance poet, Poet Laureate for Alexandria Virginia, author of three novels, two poetry collections, and a memoir.  She has toured the US and UK as a performance poet sharing the good news of poetry. Founding, facilitating, and hosting 15 presentations in the last 15 years, ranging from open mics, award ceremonies, conferences, workshops, and online writing groups, this award winning poet, author, facilitator writes and recites what she calls, “real life fiction” that touches her listeners to the core. She hosts #KaNikkiHarmony 1st Mondays Open Mic Night at Busboys and Poets Virginia and Facilitates a Quarterly Workshop entitled: WRITE LIKE A WOMEN in Alexandria, Virginia. If you think that something she says on the microphone might change your life, you’re probably right. Learn more about here at

The Warrior Transformation Details:     

The day will begin at 7:00 a.m. with a VIP Coffee and Networking Hour with the hosts/speakers. For an extra fee you can join us to mingle, ask questions, get insider info and get a hot seat with the speakers. Make sure to add this option to your cart when you register.

At 8:00 a.m. well kick off with a Get to Know Your Fellow Warriors Meet and Greet. Enjoy a powerful, awesome icebreaker exercise, a giveaway, and other surprises at your table before the workshop starts.

9:00 a.m.: Gather at your tables and get ready to be inspired with opening remarks by our Mistress of Ceremonies, KaNikki Jakarta. Youre not going to want to miss hearing KaNikki speak. Shes funny, fearless and an amazing poet.

9:15 a.m. Expect to be moved, and thrust into action toward your dreams as host and speaker Laura Di Franco, MPT ignites your fire and creates the environment for what well practice during our day together.

Mindset and awareness are everything when it comes to creating the business you dream of. Laura will put you in a vibration of powerful creation and then shell begin the workshop part of the program with the following topics:

  • Why write your book? (expert exercise)
  • How to get started.
  • Writing for your ideal reader. (Letter exercise)
  • How to use intuitive writing for a soul-driven book. (Feels exercise)
  • Options for book publishing.
  • Whats going to make it stand out.

10:00 a.m. The founder of the On Purpose Woman community, Ginny Robertson, will share her story and cover the following topics: will share her story and cover the following topics:

  • How to craft a great talk
  • How to land a speaking gig

11:00 a.m. Hold onto your seats while Donnie Boivin gives you the details about how to use podcasts to get exposure and publicity, including:

  • Why to guest on podcasts
  • How to get on podcasts

From 12:00 – 1:15p.m. Please enjoy lunch on your own at the many awesome restaurants within steps of you. 

Please also spend time talking with and visiting the sponsors weve invited to support you with services and resources youll need to put everything we teach you into play! These are people weve personally worked with, love and highly recommend!

At 1:15 p.m. well reconvene for a powerful afternoon with a Lets get rid of the food comaexercise and a Q&A with your speakers. This is your chance to pick our brains about what weve talked about so far!

2:00 p.m. Laura will get you back into your intuitive writing groove with tools for:

  • Your mindset
  • Your blogs
  • Your bio
  • Your website copy
  • Your social media posts
  • And shell answer any lingering book-writing questions you can throw at her

    At 3:00 p.m. we’ll enjoy a powerful blast of inspiration and knowledge from performance poet, KaNikki Jakarta. You’re going to learn about the art of storytelling and performance! 

At 4:00 p.m. Donnie will give you the scoop about selling yourself and your services with info about:

  • What is selling and how to do it like a badass!
  • How to build powerful relationships



5:00 p.m. Were going to finish the day with an inspiration infusion that leaves you no choice but to take what youve learned and get into action toward everything you want to do for your business.

Speakers and Vendors will stay for a short while afterward as well, so you can finish your conversations and cook up some amazing collaborations!

6:00 p.m – Were out of there and off to our strategic badassery!



  • A goodie bag full of swag to help you succeed 
  • A professional bio you’re proud of
  • A cure for writer’s block
  • A copy of Warrior Dreams, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self (Must pick up at event)
  • How to Get Booked on Podcasts – Donnie’s eBook!
  • Opportunities to network with other warriors
  • At least 9 new contacts (bring your business cards!)

Save your seat and register today! Space is limited.

For reals – were limiting this to 50 warriors.



Carving out the time for for this workshop has been one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself. Laura has without question found her calling in her role as facilitator, mentor, cheerleader and friend. Participating in such an intimate, sometimes emotional and invigorating class has been both cathartic and empowering.  It is so difficult to put into words I want to express it for friends and strangers so they can benefit, but it is really one of those things you need to experience to truly understand. Laura is authentic in her passion she walks her talk. Her ability to guide and teach from her intuition and personal experience and simultaneously be on the journey along with the group is a unique duality that creates a special dynamic.”

Alyssa Ehrsam

Donnie Boivin is the Real Deal! If youre ready to get real and get going on living your dreamDonnie is the man to help you do it! Working with Donnie is like going to Boot Campand often thats exactly what I need to get really truthful with myself; especially when Im stumbling all over my own feet. Donnie helped me to work through moving the mind noise aside and focusing on my real message, my truth, get fired up, live my real life and bring my best to the world!

Phyllis Washington, CoachPhyl Leadership, LLC.

Learn from the best and by far most passionate team I’ve ever had the honor of knowing.


A little while ago I said a prayer that went something like, Please bring me people like me; people who have the energy, drive, enthusiasm, action and risk-taking attitude, and tendency toward badassery. Please let them be in this full on. Please let them hold me up when Im down and receive when they need to. Please give me some warriors to play with on this journey, so we can change the world together.

And this year she answered, Wish granted.” These amazing people are all that.

Dont miss the one-of-a-kind experience were cooking up for you.

Itll be epic.

Itll be a life-changer.

Itll finally connect you with the community and the resources you need to do this; show up, speak up and make more money doing what you love and changing the world.


Save your seat and register today! Space is limited.

Investment in your badass self: $197



Morning Mastery VIP Hour


Twenty warriors wanted! Settle in for a private conversation with the hosts. These rockstars will answer any and all of your questions about book writing, speaking and podcasting and light a fire under you to start this amazing day by. This will be a small, informal, and powerful group Q & A.

Get ready to make personal connections that will serve you, your business and the legacy you begin to leave in the world.