I thought about wrapping up this Unapologetic You blog series with an apology for being late, and that made me laugh. I hope you enjoyed the series. I’m looking forward to the next one in the Fall. You can be a part of it by attending the next Intuitive Writing for Healers workshop. I’d love to have you. If you mention you read about it here, I’ll even give you a little insider discount code. 

Here are some thoughts as I try to close out our incredible series of The Unapologetic You. 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying my gorgeous daughter to Orlando where she and her team, Super 6, competed in the World Cheerleading Championship. I’ve always been memorized by my daughter; fearless, aware, outspoken, outgoing…so different from the painfully shy, introverted, fearful girl I was at sixteen. 

We spent a good amount of time at the pool at the hotel this past weekend, sunning, chilling, taking selfies…and while I sat watching her own the pool in a bathing suit that was fit for the supermodel body she has, I realized, she could unapologetically be her full, gorgeous, self, comfortable in her own skin and relaxed and confident about who she was, the body she inhabited, and her deserved place in the world. 

Super 6 at Worlds!

Damn, it took me a long, long time to feel that way. Even with my equally amazing athlete body. 

I’m not exactly sure I feel completely that way yet. And if it’s the only thing I make my remaining years with her about – it will be about helping her keep that confidence. What a gift to move into your adult years with worth, confidence and courage. 

I must be an okay mom if that happened. That’s what I’m telling myself anyhow. 

I sometimes wonder how it would have been if I’d gotten there sooner. Maybe not had the challenges I had. And because I believe in the purpose and timing of everything that happens in our lives, I don’t spend a lot of time wondering. I spend more time enjoying the moment I’m in. 

And this moment is fucking amazing. I’m realizing my daughter is in a place of awareness that is eons further along that me. I’m realizing that I have accomplished some generational healing that at one point I only hoped was real. 

If she can be her unapologetic self in the world then I’m good. Seriously good. Watching her do her thing, be herself, perform on a huge stage, make her mark in the world…mmm, yes, it’s all good. 

And the words you may have read from the ladies who contributed to this series are more proof that we’re all doing this together. There’s a generation of women who are evolving together right now and discovering the truth of who they really are. 

This excites me! This is my mission; the Brave Healer revolution!

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These women, telling their unique and badass stories of their journeys, always makes me smile and feel so, so grateful. I think the best thing about this is how you can choose one subject and get eleven brilliant ideas about it. Eleven perspectives. Eleven paths of awareness. 

Our stories and perspective matter. It’s important to be brave about sharing those stories so that other people have permission to tell theirs. One of the missions I’ve had with the blog series is to help build that kind of revolution of Brave Healing. There’s healing in the telling and the receiving of our stories. And so we heal ourselves and we heal the world every time we share our words. 

Being the unapologetic me is about living in full expression without apologizing for being all that. And it’s also about saying “I’m sorry” when that’s the aware and good thing to do. Mostly, the unapologetic me practices being her full self; thinking, believing, saying and doing the things that turn her soul on, without apologizing for feeling, without apologizing for taking up space, and without apologizing for what others might be feeling as a result of that. 

It took a long time (decades) for me to practice being her; to feel comfortable with who I am and really love that wild, hippie warrior chick. It took a long time to recover a basic feeling of worth, and to live a life that serves others from that overflow. My hope is that by reading some of my stories, it might not take you so long. 

The journey is different for everyone. I hope you’re enjoying yours. I hope the blogs from my fabulous writer women help you along the way. Make sure to leave a comment for them if you enjoyed their words! 

And…what does being the unapologetic you mean to you? Tell us in the comments here! 

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