Take three minutes and watch this empowering video featuring moms and daughters in a unforgettable way. 

Your brave healing business thrives when you thrive. The healing work you do and the happiness, peace and abundance you achieve as a result of that journey directly benefit your clients. THAT’s how you serve them – by being brave and living life in a way that’s aimed at love, joy and gratitude. This requires we, as healers, practice awareness, find our voice, and use it to create the life we want to live. This takes courage!

Some of us were taught to keep quiet. Some of us were taught we were bad if we used our voice, talked back, or disagreed. Some of us still operate from that belief system. The video/poem is my way of shining a light on this topic and asking people to re-examine the way they deal with, teach and model for their children. It matters.

As healers we’re coming alive to these old ways of being and thinking and we’re recognizing they don’t fit anymore. Our souls and light are too big for the old ways. When we finally do the work of re-discovering our worth, finding our voice and then expressing ourselves out loud in the world, it’s that very act that heals the world. Only then are we able to hold a healing space for another person. We heal others by first healing ourselves.

To be a successful healer and run a successful practice is challenging. In many cases we’re not only running a practice, but a home as well. Others have the additional responsibility of caring for children and/or aging parents. Healers tend to care for everyone, besides themselves.

Here are 5 ways to create a successful and thriving practice without burning yourself out:

Don’t try to do it all.
Trying to do it all is a road to burnout. If you want a sustainable healing practice that continues to thrive and nourish you and your clients, hire out for the stuff that’s out of your genius zone.
Some services that might be out of your zone:

* CPA/Bookkeeper
* Web professional
* Marketing professional
* Cleaning crew

When you try to do things out of your genius zone you’ll end up wasting valuable time you could have spent with clients because it will take you twice as long as a professional. Do the math. You will easily be able to justify the cost. Start small if you have to with the pieces that are the biggest energy-suck for you. As your practice builds, expand the services you hire out for.

Make Self-care a VIP appointment
This is a requirement, not a luxury. Stop making excuses and start scheduling time to chill. Write it down like a client appointment and keep it! If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real, and you’ll slowly start to forget to make time for the most important person in your business, you! Make some time for:
A bath
A walk in the woods
A manicure
A cup of tea
A few minutes in the sun
(Add a few of your own ideas to this list!)

Upgrade your systems
If your scheduling, bookkeeping or other systems are complicated, frustrating or outdated, please do not waste any more time – UPGRADE! This will save you so much time, energy and money in the end you’ll wonder what took you so long. Go for simple. Go for flow. Anything that aggravates you on a regular basis needs to be evaluated and upgraded. Again, the cost will justify itself in terms of time gained. What systems are you using that do not assist your healing business flow?

You need an email list – Don’t resist!
You’re a healer, not a marketer, so selling your services just seems so hard and not “healer-like.” But the only (free) way you’ll be able to stay in contact with your ideal clients and offer your amazing services is to show up in their inbox. Stop resisting this and start building your brave tribe! It’s time! Here are some things you can do:
*Research one of the email service providers. (I use Aweber. MailChimp is another good one – but ask your friends what they like). This is a service that allows you to email many people at once with a newsletter or email.
*Start with a low-end service (usually around $20/month) and begin asking for opt-ins. (You’ll need a website for that!)

*Don’t have a basic website yet? It’s time. There are plenty of free options.
*Give some value for an opt-in. You can create amazing free content your ideal clients must have by doing some simple blogs or lists. 
Your email list will grow and you’ll soon be able to reach a larger audience with your big, brave messages!

Do your own healing work
Slightly different from self-care but maybe more important is making sure the healer is doing her own healing work on a regular basis. It’s one thing to attempt to facilitate the healing process for someone else, and another to do that from a space of the experiences of your own healing. The dive deeper toward your own soul will create the space for attracting the clients you most want to work with.
Some ideas:

*Start a regular journaling practice
*Start a regular practice of meditation or breath work
*Get regular sessions of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release
*Do regular self-myofascial work
*Try alternative methods of healing; acupuncture, reiki, tapping, etc…
You can trade with other practitioners or just schedule sessions, but either way, make sure you’re walking the walk when it comes to healing – your clients will feel the difference.

There are many more ways to thrive in your healing business and it’s my mission to support you on that journey! Make sure you pick up 30 Big, Brave Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business and Live Like the Goddess You Are! 

You’ll find that on my home page HERE.

And stay tuned – I’m working on an amazing resource for my fellow brave healer entrepreneurs that you’re going to want to tell your friends about! It’s time to collaborate. It’s time to help each other spread the warrior love.