Your High Vibe Business Community & Mastermind

The High Vibe Business Community plays by different rules…their own.

We do things according to what feels good and what serves the greatest good of all concerned. We make our lives and businesses about the healing work that changes the world. It’s what we were born for.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s a healer, author, artist or other healthcare professional you have a different mission; not only to create your empire and succeed to the point of being able to generously take care of yourself and everyone you love, but to also unapologetically make your business about spreading that care and love. 

Can love and money exist together? In the High Vibe Business they do.

Do success and gratitude go together? In the High Vibe Business they must go hand in hand.

Does wildly abundant success and soul-aligned passion fit together? In the High Vibe Business, that combination is why your business is successful.

You were born to do this differently and to teach the world that a business plan, the bottom line, and cash flow can all come from a purpose-driven, soul-fulfilling, world-serving business that feeds the owner as much or more so than the people she serves.

Burn out? That’s something the High Vibe Business prevents.

No time for fun? That’s something the High Vibe Business obliterates. Because every hour spent working it comes from joy. 

No budget to scale or up level? That’s a mindset the High Vibe Business works to transform. 

Join me and dozens of other high vibe entrepreneurs in a community and mastermind meant to offer continual support, knowledge, resources, information, skills, techniques, mindset shifts, and clarity for the ongoing journey of leaving your legacy and building a business you’re ecstatic about. 

What’s included in the online community:

Rather than spending thousands on personal coaching and battling accountability issues, spend $47 a month and be surrounded with the community you’ve been craving when it comes to support, collaborations and knowledge.

For a small monthly investment in your High Vibe Business of $47 you’ll have access to all quarterly live stream trainings, support, Q&A, and networking opportunities inside of a dedicated Facebook group. 

2019-2020 live stream meetings will be co-taught by experts, Laura Di Franco and Donnie Boivin, and will often include a guest expert speaker. Meeting topics may include:

Business Vision
Ideal Client Avatar
Business Building
Social Media
Email lists
Hiring Virtual Assistants
Freebies and Opt-ins
And more…

With members and sponsors whose expertise includes all forms of entrepreneurial badassery, you’ll enjoy another level vibe of people who are going for their dreams every single day. Positivity, gratitude, joy and badass solutions are the focus. 

A dedicated closed Facebook group for live stream, video and other coaching and strategic content. 

Guest expert speakers on multiple topics

Live Q&A/Coaching 

Opportunities to speak at online meetings.

Opportunities to guest on podcasts.

(Does not include in-person meeting tickets – sold separately)
(Your High Vibe Business Workbook – sold separately)

What’s included in an in-person event in Bethesda, Maryland:


Join a local group of Maryland/D.C. Metro area badasses for the quarterly meetings. Meetings are held at Bodyworks Physical Therapy: 7618 Carteret Road, Bethesda, MD 20817

Bring your notebook and pen. Your half-day of workshops will always include several educational topics and you’ll walk away with actionable tools and strategy to put into place immediately. 

2019-2020 meetings will be co-taught by experts, Laura Di Franco and Donnie Boivin, and will often include a guest expert speaker. Meeting topics: (see above list). 

Enjoy a goodie bag filled with information, resources and treats meant to inspire you when you get home from people who can help your business get to the next level. 

Bring your cards, brochures, books or other marketing materials and enjoy connecting with other heart-centered, purpose-driven, high vibe business owners eager to collaborate, learn, teach and do this journey together. You will have a chance to offer what you sell.

Live Q&A/Coaching 

Opportunities to speak at meetings.

Opportunities to guest on podcasts.

A workbook for your High Vibe Business planning and resources 

Enjoy coffee/tea and refreshments at every meeting

In-person ticket fee: $197 (Does not include access to the online group)

REGISTRATION for BOTH IS VIA EMAIL: Send with subject line: “High Vibe Request” to and let me know what you’re interested in. If someone referred you, please let me know!