More and more people are blogging.  I wonder if the psychotherapists are going out of business over this.  It is therapeutic, this blogging thing.  Writing in general is therapeutic.  It clears space for you to be more you.  It pulls out the thoughts and ideas and gets them out of you onto the paper.  The more you write, the more the stuff comes from this true, authentic “you” place.

I have written in journals since I was fifteen years old.  I have used this way of expressing myself for a long time.  It took me a lot longer time to be okay with anyone reading it.  Maybe because the older you get the less you care about what other people think (in a good way).  Maybe I finally got to a point where the stuff that came out was the true me.  Nothing to hide kind of stuff.  It is the stuff that when you read it back to yourself from the page you just wrote, you realize that you are writing about stuff that goes beyond just you.  It connects you to others.

Ultimately I blog in the hopes to connect with others. I think that connecting with other people is why we are on the planet.  I blog now whether people comment or not, knowing that sometimes what I am writing about resonates with people and they smile or nod their head at the computer.  I would imagine that some people say some other interesting things to the computer about me, but again, I don’t care anymore.  I know I don’t have to please everyone, as hard as I have tried.  It isn’t about that.  It is just about expressing what lights you up, what you are passionate about,  the things you think are important, the things you think are awesome.  People being brave enough to leave a comment is icing to me.  I love hearing what others have to say about a topic, especially when it is different than the way I have thought about it.  Perspective.  We all need it.

I remember the time I did reach out to a therapist during a time I was feeling unhappy about my life.  I drove home that day smiling.  “Wow, I never thought about it like that.” is what I thought to myself.  Perspective.  When we are given the gift of perspective, our whole world can change.

I like to think about and write about my perspective, especially about my taekwondo.  Yes, mine!  My taekwondo might be similar to yours in many ways, but ultimately it is my own perspective.  If it vibrates with yours, all the merrier.  I love when my perspective is blown out of the water by some new way to think.  My world just gets bigger and better when that happens.

So subscribe to your favorite blogs, and comment once in a while.  Let your perspective be heard.  Have fun, enjoy, be curious and less judgmental.  Get into the person’s shoes and walk around a while.  Be interested.  Connect.  It is what we are here for.



I love your post about Blogging. I am a new blogger and I agree with all that you have said. I’m finding it to be so much fun getting my “stories” out on paper. And secretly, I look forward to bringing a smile to someone’s face or a jerk on their heart strings — while remembering how really similar we all are.