Seriously guys, it’s simple. It’s not about being fearless, it’s about being afraid and doing it anyway. In the last couple decades, after devoting myself to courage, persevering on the healing journey and then finally making a decision to risk it all, get divorced and go for a life that feels fiercely alive, I’m here to tell you – fear does NOT have to be paralyzing anymore. In fact, I’m going to challenge you to make it fun when you feel fear, and take on the challenge of what it’s there pointing you toward. 

You’ve maybe seen my stuff that says, “Use fear as a compass.” Well, this’s what I mean: you can feel the feeling of fear in your body (use your badass body awareness), notice the mental baggage you add to that feeling (the inner critic voices and the old conditioned little girl/boy reactions) and then choose a new way to act despite all that noise. You can shift and transform fear into something helpful. Really. 

First of all, you know this’s the kind of fear that’s not serving you or your wild, amazing dreams. This isn’t the natural, necessary fear response that tells you not to walk down that dark alley alone. This’s the fear that’s old, conditioned and a pain in the ass – because it keeps you playing small when you KNOW you’re meant for big, bad, awesome things. 

You’re tired of this kind of fear. You’re done with it, in fact. You’re ready to take it on, bust through it, and get to that life you crave; the kind where you wake up every morning and smile, knowing everything’s working out for you, every moment, perfectly.

When you realize it’s up to you – this having fun with fear thing, you’ll feel the freedom. And you’ll never go back. Maybe I’m old and wise enough now to not care as much what people think. Or maybe it’s that I spent enough time practicing awareness I recognize just how long I spent being paralyzed by fear. Whatever this moment is for me it feels liberating and empowering. It feels like I’m meant to share the how. 

So how you do this’s by taking the awareness you have and taking daily action that’s aligned more with your desires. And yes, you’ll have to take that action with the physical feeling of fear still inside you. THIS IS THE KEY. You’re going to recognize fear’s just a feeling, and act with it. 

So the way you have fun with your fear is to recognize that old, familiar feeling, smile when you feel it and say to yourself, “Not today. I have dreams to dream and desires to manifest, and you’re not getting the best of me today!” You have to make the call, send the email, set up the appointment and ask for what it is you need…all while that pesky old feeling sits there sticking it’s tongue out waiting for your usual reaction; to freeze and pout. 

These days I’m having fun with my fear. I have nothing to lose. I’m practicing being in full expression of my gifts, sharing my desires, asking for what I need and want and not taking anyone else’s opinions or reactions too personally. I’m doing it with curiosity, love, compassion and intention. And what’s the most fun is I’m starting to feel happier, comfortable in my own skin, freer and way more magical; as I watch my desires start to show up in the form of the things I’ve been asking for and putting my attention on. 

As long as you put your attention on the feeling and details of your fear without taking action on the feeling of what it is you really want, you’ll be stuck paralyzed. When you feel the feeling, notice it’s a compass, and do the thing you’re afraid of, feeling the feeling of exhilaration that happens when you’ve arrived, it’s going to be a straight shot down a the path getting you to where you want to be. 

I’ve got a lunchtime power hour coming up this Friday to help you practice. You’ll find it HERE. Join me and have some more fun with your fear. Let’s get good at focusing on what matters; the power behind your desires, not the fear keeping you from achieving them.