Brave Healing

Brave Healing, a poem by Laura Probert

Brave healing
is choosing positive ways to think, believe and act
that align with health and joy.
It requires a fierce discipline of awareness,
an unapologetic attitude about self care,
and an intense desire to create a shift
toward badassness in all areas of your life.

Brave healing is a lifestyle for those willing
to see vulnerability as their strength,
mindfulness as their weapon,
and judgments and attachment as a momentary
lapse in consciousness.

Brave healers put their own bliss before anything else
because they recognize feeling full is how they
change the world.

Brave healers inspire, motivate and transform those around them
because they’ve discovered
how to make their lives about this journey,
use fear as a compass
and light a bonfire with their enthusiasm.

A brave healer creates magic
by listening to her intuition,
connecting with her soul
and acting on the messages she gets.

She’s a witch
a Goddess
a Priestess
an empress
the voice of the full moon
the cry of the eagle
and the embodiment of pure love.


because it’s what we’re here to do.