I’m celebrating my 50th birthday today, finally knowing what I was born for. I’m helping healers write words that heal themselves and the world. My ripple. It’s really good to wake up today with that kind of purpose and calling. The fire burning, fueled with inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, gratitude and love, is real. And today I’m celebrating it all with the announcement of my new book: Brave Healing, a Sherpa for Your Journey.

I actually began writing this book over two years ago. And then my life fell apart a little bit. I’m here today, a newly divorced Goddess, with a mission that’s changed in those last couple years. The helping people hasn’t changed, it’s the helping myself first part that has. 

My brave healing journey has been a life-long pursuit of happiness via rediscovering my worth. And I’m happy to say today, the day I was born, that the simple fact that I came into this world 50 years ago automatically means I’m worthy. 

You were born, so you’re worthy!

The journey back to worthiness required being a warrior. A warrior of love, for myself, no matter what, no matter who said what. It took a while to live without asking anyone else for permission to be myself. The journey was worth it. Every bit of struggle and pain. Every lesson. Every kick in the ass. Every triumph. Every miracle. 

Notice all the miracles!

In fact, all of it, even the “bad” stuff, have been opportunities for miracles. I’ve learned to trust in a way I never did before. I’ve learned how to align with the magic of the universe. I’ve learned the language of my intuition. I’ve learned new and better ways to pursue healing. 

And now it’s time to write! I share my story because I know it matters (like yours does) and because I know that being brave and being out loud about my healing stories is what changes the world. I hope to convince you of that too. 

The new book is due out June 1st. You’ll find my author page at Possibilities Publishing Company

Be on the lookout for all kinds of fun events regarding Brave Healing, a Sherpa for Your Journey. In the meantime, if you’re a healer aching to share your story with the world but need a little help moving through the doubt, fear or uncertainty – I’m your Sherpa. Here are a bunch of awesome ways to connect:

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I write to Feng Shui my soul!

Ready to experience writing that heals? It might just change everything! 
Big love,